About Us

Exporters Of Brass Components

We Pearl International is a trusted name in the metal components field mfg. & exporter, supplier of Brass & SS Cable Glands, Brass Precision & Electrical components, Brass Turned Parts, Brass fittings Components, Brass Automotive Components, Brass cPVC uPVC, PPR fitting plumbing components, and other metal parts like SS Components Mfg as per the requirement of customer drawing specification.

We have experienced since 2001 the continuous development of new products for various applications for the domestic and international markets. We are engaged in, where these products are used. Our registered unit is located in Jamnagar in the state of Gujarat. We have sufficient infrastructure and venture to shape new ideas and visions.

We maintain it by a time-bound schedule with the sole aim of seeking maximum support and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers. We undertake innovations to enrich the huge field of the international market. And many more customized products as per customers’ specifications and drawings.

o Brass & SS Cable Glands of Various types
o Brass Precision & Electrical components
o Brass Turned Parts
o Brass fittings Components
o Brass Automotive Components
o Brass cPVC uPVC, PPR Fitting Plumbing Components

Who We Are

We are India's Most Reputed Manufacturer & Exporter of Precision Turned Components. We have sufficient infrastructure and venture to shape new ideas and visions

Our Vission

The vision of India Manufacturing is to continue the heritage of our Company and be a premier Indian manufacturer of top quality products. We dedicate ourselves to be the supplier of choice when our type of products are being sought. This vision will be accomplished by sharing the responsibilities of planning and decision making with all of our employees. India will strive to maintain the image it has developed over the many years with its suppliers, employees and community as a company of excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and continually develop quality products at a competitive price while fostering a climate where environmental technologies can thrive. We will always strive to service our customer with the utmost integrity, and to their complete satisfaction. It is our goal to ensure our mission by continuous self improvement, growth in our operations and employees; while maintaining profitability to the benefit of our customers, employees, and community. All employees will work together in combining their efforts and skills to ensure our mission and goals are fulfilled in a courteous manner.

Our Commitment

We are committed to safe and healthy working conditions for all employees and do not use any form of forced, compulsory or child labor. We respect the dignity of the individual and the right of employees to freedom of association.We are to establishing mutually beneficial relations with our customers and suppliers and maintain the relationship with integrity. We deliver the products/goods our buyers have bought from us - of the quality requisitioned and within the time agreed.

Why Choose US?

  • Unrivaled Quality Assurance

    At Pearl International, we pride ourselves on delivering brass components of unmatched quality.

  • Extensive Industry Experience

    With 18 years of experience in the brass components export industry.

  • Tailored Solutions for Every Need

    We recognize that each client has unique specifications and preferences.

  • Global Reach and Timely Delivery

    Pearl International is renowned for its global reach and efficient logistics network.

Export Process

During inception, we refine innovative concepts to create unparalleled brass goods with a focus on quality and functionality.


In the design phase, We brings conceptual visions to life through creative expertise, shaping the blueprint for exceptional brass products.


We achieves precision and durability in the manufacture phase, transforming designs into exceptional brass products.


In the supply phase, We ensures seamless delivery, providing a reliable and efficient distribution of exceptional brass products to meet diverse needs.

Global Exports Across 18+ Countries

Since our inspection in 2011, Pearl International Brass, SS, And Copper has been dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative components to our OEM customers worldwide. Over the years, we have proudly served clients in over 18+ countries, earning a reputation as a trusted global manufacturing partner.