A1 A2 Part Gland Cable

Technical Information

Type A1 / A2
Design Specification: Iso 9001:2015
Gland Sizes 16mm (5/8″) – 90 mm (3 1/2″)
Ingress Protection IP66
Gland Material Brass
Sealing Type Displacement Type (Single Sealing)
Operating Temperature If Neoprene -40oC to +100oC
If Silicon -50oC to +160oC
Armour Clamping Three Part Armour Lock
Sealing Material Thermoplastic Elastoplast
Sealing Method Displacement Sealing
Sealing Area Cable Outer Sheath
Finish Natural Brass or Nickel Plated
Cable Types Unarmored
Application Indoor and Outdoor
Accessories Lock Nut, Earth Tag & Shrouds,
Serrated Washer, Adapter/Reducer.

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